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The Intelligence Over Emotions Foundation

Mission Statement:

The Intelligence Over Emotions Foundation (IOEF) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we are committed to bringing awareness of S.E.E.D(social-emotional enlightenment and development) to local communities. Our primary focus is to enlighten individuals and communities on methods to better understand themselves and others, while responding to conflict and feelings in a more productive manner.


With a distinguished team consisting of the nations top psychiatrists, psychologist, counselors, social workers, and life coaches The IOEF will conduct a series of meta-studies and evidence based research to obtain an intimate assessment that not only will identify distinctive learning styles, habits, and mental conditions of clients, but also the experiences of the client to utilize in plan implementations. From the assessment obtained, our team will go to work crafting a client- centered treatment plan and customizable agenda.

The principal focus of the agenda is to dissolve the EGO and introduce S.E.E.D through the
fundamentals of thinking program. Inspiring all to become more mindful and self-aware for effective decision making and positive social interactions and outcomes.

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What is EQ?

Emotional and Social Intelligence is the ability to identify our feelings and those of others. It helps us to self-reflect, reconfigure our focus on ourselves so that we can direct emotions effectively internally and to others. Effective and evidenced based approaches utilized in the Fundamentals of thinking program are incorporated by the four elements represented by the acronym S.E.E.D;

S. Social
: Focusing on development of socialization skills.
E. Emotional: Breaking down the physical response to an emotional experience.
E. Enlightenment: Help refine how we cope with our emotions.
D. Development: Cultivating skills to combat the emotional response.

About The Founder

Johnathon Collins

Johnathon Collins grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where he witnessed violence and trauma at an alarming rate. Growing up the oldest of 14 kids with a 15 year old mother would show him life from a different perspective. After the loss of his brother and several close friends through senseless acts of violence, it had become clear that the state of society has only two paths for young people; prison or death. The question he found himself asking was “what was the difference?” How had he managed to avoid the collective dangers and pitfalls that seemed pervasive in communities such as his, and those around the world?

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