About IOEF

Johnathon Collins

About The Founder

Johnathon Collins grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where he witnessed violence and trauma at an alarming rate. Growing up the oldest of 14 kids with a 15 year old mother would show him life from a different perspective. After the loss of his brother and several close friends through senseless acts of violence, it had become clear that the state of society has only two paths for young people; prison or death.

The question he found himself asking was “what was the difference?” How had he managed to avoid the collective dangers and pitfalls that seemed pervasive in communities such as his, and those around the world?

Collins was determined to expose his community to information that could shift the way they think, react, and live. He wanted to bring to his community a way out of the inner turmoil, so he founded the Intelligence Over Emotions Foundation. The IOEF is a nonprofit organization designed to break the cycle of issues associated with and rooted in the lack of self reflection, self awareness, and psychological resilience. This organization is aimed at uprooting the issues before they arise. The IOEF believes that lost tempers give way to violent anger, which leads to lives lost. So addressing the essence of the issue is its central focus.

With several years of coaching, training and mentoring students to draw from, Johnathon Collins, the Founder and driving force of the organization, hopes to repair the psychological state of society.

What does IOEF provide?

Fundamentals of thinking program (S.E.E.D)
Public speaking/seminar (schools,prisons/juvenile detention centers,)
After School program
Mentoring (one on one or group sessions)
Family counseling
Resources (jobs, resume, housing,GED training)
It Takes a Village Healing Circle Program (Restorative Justice)